(LCT) Landing Craft Transport

Introducing our LCT Service – Empowering Efficiency, Redefining Logistics Excellence. At Mitra Sejahtera Raya, our commitment to precision and seamless maritime solutions extends to a new dimension.

Presenting a state-of-the-art LCT with a sprawling deck space measuring 20 by 8 meters – an innovation poised to transform the way you approach heavy equipment transportation. With the capacity to accommodate 2 sets, totaling 8 units, of heavy machinery, this vessel is not just a mode of transportation, it’s a catalyst for elevated cost savings and optimized timelines.

Our LCT Service redefines the logistics landscape. Imagine the impact of housing multiple heavy equipment units in a single voyage, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency. This translates into substantial cost savings and unparalleled time management – a true game – changer in the realm of maritime logistics.

This LCT isn’t just a vessel; it’s a strategic investment in efficiency. Designed to seamlessly accommodate heavy equipment and streamline transportation processes, Mitra Sejahtera Raya’s LCT Rental Service empowers your operations with a competitive edge. Choose innovation, choose efficiency – Choose Mitra Sejahtera Raya.

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